Version 1.10.0 of MRules is released

We are proud to announce that the version 1.10.0 of MRules is released.

This version brings lots of new features and improvements. Amongst these, a breaking change on average computations should be noted and taken into account if you are using this functionality. A dedicated post has been written to describe changes.

If you want to know what’s included in version 1.10.0, the release notes provide details on all modifications.

Also, version 1.10.0 will be the last major 1.x release. It paves the way for the version 2.0.0, which is planned to be released at the beginning of the year 2018.

This does not mean that versions 1.x will not be supported. Minor fix versions will be built if necessary. But our efforts are now concentrated on the development of the version 2.0.0, which will include lots of very exciting changes, one of which being a new way of configuring rulesets, by writing rules “as you talk”, with a fully functional language.

We’ll tell you more in few time. Stay tuned.