Quality Commitment

Continuous integration

Providing quality software is a constant concern for the MRules team. Thus, at all stages of its creation, the maximum has been done to increase the reliability of developments, testing and manufacturing.

MRules development cycle is based on a consistent set of tools, forming a reliable and complete continuous integration chain.

This way, we are able to guarantee the excellent quality of our software and our ability to quickly take into account customer support requests.

Some figures

MRules, it is:

  • More than 54 000 lines of Java code (including the extensions).
  • More than 2250 unit tests, covering 80% of the lines of code.
  • Small and optimized binaries (less than 1 Mb for the rule engine for example).
  • Two senior developers, and days of hard work !

Customer feedback

From Roded, Java Tech Leader

“MRules fits the bill precisely for our need to roll our own rule engine web interface due to its unique and verbose Java API, impressive benchmarks in comparison to other available rule engine implementations and lightweight dependency signature.”

From Nicolas, Java Software Architect (Traduction, see original comment here)

“We use MRules for an invoicing application, in which various rule sets are running to compute financial data (example VAT rates) depending on customer information (example localization). The rule engine is executed both in Web interface and Batch treatments. It offers great performances. Moreover, the provided Java API allowed us to build quickly and easily a configuration interface for non-technical administrators.”