Via a dependency manager

The easiest way to integrate MRules to your application is to use Maven dependencies. All you need to do is follow few simple steps:

  • Our public Maven repository is exposed online :
    • If you are using a repository manager (for example Nexus), you must create a proxy group to our repository.
    • Otherwise, it is possible to declare an additional repository directly in the application’s pom.xml file (see example below).
  • We provide a “Bill Of Materials” (BOM), to centralize all versions of our products, extensions and demonstrations.
    • Its use is not mandatory, it just simplifies versions management.
    • To use it, just import it in the pom.xml file of the application.
  • Finally, the dependencies to the products or extensions used by the application must be declared.
    • Thanks to the transitivity of dependencies, it is often necessary to declare only one.
    • When using the BOM, do not specify the versions.

Example POM file:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
        <!-- Adding dependency -->
            <!-- Do not specify version with the BOM -->
            <!-- Declare and import BOM -->
        <!-- Declaring remote Maven repository -->

Download binaries

Direct links to latest binaries are listed in the following table.

Older builds are available in the Maven repository.

A licence file is mandatory to execute demos (a free trial licence can be requested with the contact form).


The table below summarizes the versions of all modules in our offer:

Attention: The internal data of table “28” is corrupted!

For more information, see Change log.