Via a dependency manager

The easiest way to integrate MRules to your application is to use Maven dependencies. All you need to do is follow few simple steps:

  • Our public Maven repository is exposed online :
    • If you are using a repository manager (for example Nexus), you must create a proxy group to our repository.
    • Otherwise, it is possible to declare an additional repository directly in the application’s pom.xml file (see example below).
  • We provide a “Bill Of Materials” (BOM), to centralize all versions of our products, extensions and demonstrations.
    • Its use is not mandatory, it just simplifies versions management.
    • To use it, just import it in the pom.xml file of the application.
  • Finally, the dependencies to the products or extensions used by the application must be declared.
    • Thanks to the transitivity of dependencies, it is often necessary to declare only one.
    • When using the BOM, do not specify the versions.

Example POM file:

Download binaries

Direct links to latest binaries are listed in the following table.

Older builds are available in the Maven repository.

A licence file is mandatory to execute demos (a free trial licence can be requested with the contact form).


The table below summarizes the versions of all modules in our offer:

ProductGroup IdArtifact IdVersionPackagings
Bill Of Materials (BOM)
BOM version represents the global products suite version. The components referenced in the BOM are guaranteed to be compatible.
Bill Of Materials (BOM)com.massa.mrulesmrules-bom2.2.0pom
Main Products
You will find here a description of our products.
Rule Enginecom.massa.mrulesmrules-bre2.2.0jar
Grammar Enginecom.massa.mrulesmrules-dsl2.1.0jar
You will find here a description of all extensions modules.
Html documentation generator for grammarscom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-dsl-doc-html1.1.0jar
source jar
Generic Grammar Editorcom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-dsl-editor1.2.0jar
source jar
Rule Engine DSL Grammarcom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-dsl-bre1.2.0jar
source jar
Rule Engine Grammar Editorcom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-dsl-bre-editor1.2.0jar
springboot jar
source jar
JDK 7 Extensioncom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-jdk72.0.0jar
source jar
JDK 8 Extensioncom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-jdk82.0.0jar
source jar
Spring Extensioncom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-spring2.0.0jar
source jar
Bytecode generation extensioncom.massa.mrules.extensionsmrules-ext-native-properties2.1.0jar
source jar
JSON REST WebServicecom.massa.mrules.extensionsMRulesWS0.1source jar
You will find here a description of all demo projects.
E-Commerce site Democom.massa.mrulesDemoEshop2.0.0test jar
source jar
Transportation fees computation Democom.massa.mrulesDemoEmployeeTransportation2.0.0test jar
source jar
Classroom Democom.massa.mrulesDemoClassroom2.0.0test jar
source jar
VAT computation Democom.massa.mrulesDemoSimpleXml2.0.0test jar
source jar
Sudoku Solver Democom.massa.mrulesDemoSudoku2.0.1test jar
source jar
"Drools Fight" Democom.massa.mrulesDroolsFight2.2.0test jar
source jar
Spring Integration Democom.massa.mrulesDemoSpring2.0.0test jar
source jar
Advanced functionalities Democom.massa.mrulesDemoAdvanced2.1.0test jar
source jar
JSON Grammar Creation Democom.massa.mrulesDemoDslJson1.2.0test jar
source jar
JSON Grammar Web Editor Democom.massa.mrulesDemoDslJsonEditor1.2.0jar
source jar
springboot jar

For more information, see Change log.