All quality software must be shipped with documentation to understand how it works and be able to use all features.

MRules development team considers this as essential. Our documentation is therefore intended for all stakeholders in the projects integrating our software. For this, different levels of detail and different user perspectives are addressed.

The Architecture section provides an overview of the library, its components and interactions with other software components.

The Integration section provides details on the configuration and how to create or use a rule engine instance.

The Addons section describes the different components integrated natively in the library.

The Logging and Data Access and Conversions sections allow to give more details on the technical frameworks on which the operation and performances of the library are based.

The Variables section details variables usage, wether they are global or local.

You may also discover all extensions and demonstrations which are shipped with MRules. The provided source code will allow you to learn by example and to easily start you first projects.

Finally, the Javadoc section opens the standard Java documentation for developers.