Our Products

Global Overview

MRules offers a consistent range of products allowing you to optimize your business application development. A package of extensions is proposed in order to link the main products alltogether and make them interact with each other. Finally, a set of demonstrations illustrate their integration and use.

The diagram below provides an overview of the different software components available.

MRules Products Hierarchy
MRules Products Hierarchy


Essential foundation for all products offered by MRules to perform correctly, this software layer is to be considered as a full-fledged product. Indeed, because of the wide range of features and tools offered, it will quickly take its place in your software basis and will be essential for your day to day developments.

Business Rule Engine

Main product of the range, the business rules engine developed by MRules is optimized, modular and extensible. The care taken in its realization and its ease of integration and use makes it an ideal choice to support the execution of complex and evolving business rules.

Grammar Engine

The latest in our suite of products, the grammar engine allows to create from scratch a business-oriented grammar, composed of sentences, internationalized and therefore understandable by a completely non-technical actor.

A grammar can be created only by configuration, without writing code, except to handle very context-specific cases.

A generic editor then allows users to create a syntactically correct configuration with respect to the grammar configuration.

This product is used in one of our main extensions to create a configuration grammar for our rules engine. The business rules are written in natural language and understandable by everyone.

Extensions and demonstrations

Extensions and demonstrations offered by MRules are detailed on their dedicated pages. Note that if the main products are subject to license, the use of extensions and demonstrations is completely free. The source code is also available for all of them.