The use of MRules is subject to the purchase of a license. Depending on your needs, you can buy only part of the software suite. You can of course extend your license at any time.


Business Rule Engine

Grammar Engine

JDK7 Extension

JDK8 Extension

Spring Extension

Monitoring Extension

Natural Language Business Rules Configuration Extension

Generic DSL Web Editor

Natural Language Business Rules Configuration Web Editor

Demo Projects

Buy sources

Utilities Framework


+ 500

Business Rule Engine


+ 1800

Grammar Engine


+ 1000

All Products


+ 2250 €

Prices above are before Value Added Tax.

The licence gives right for unlimited usage within a single company. It also provides free access to updates, limited to the same major version (for example : a licence for version 2.0.0 will allow product usage in all 2.x versions, but will no longer be valid for 3.x). It comes in the form of a text file to integrate in the application CLASS_PATH, directly or packaged in a JAR file.

To test the suitability of MRules for your needs, you can get a free trial license, with access to all features. The defaut trial period is one month, but it can be extended by a simple mail request.

For more informations, please read the entire End User License Agreement (EULA).