Conditions are Addons allowing to evaluate or combine logical operations résults. They are described by the ICondition interface.

Following implémentations are available:

EVAL : Evaluation condition.

  • Accepts 2 input values (from accessors) : source and reference.
  • Puts them in correspondance using an evaluation operator.
  • If it’s necessary to iterate on one and / or the other input values, combines evaluation résults with a logical operator.

CONDSET : Conditions set.

  • Accepts a list of sub-Conditions to évaluate.
  • Combines evaluation résults d’évaluation with a logical operator.

NOT : Negation, to negate result of a sub-Condition.

ACCWRAPPER : Accessor wrapper. To interprete a data as a condition result. This data will thus be implicitly cast if its type is not boolean.