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Version 1.6.0 of MRules is out

The version 1.6.0 of MRules is released. Following a user request, it brings possibility to perform operations on dates and times), like adding duration (in years, mont, days, hours, …) or computing difference between dates (also in years, mont, days, hours, …). All date types are handled, including the java.time package if the JDK8 extension is used.
Other new small features were added (like computing the absolute value of a number). The release notes provide details on all modifications.

MRules 1.5.1 fixes bug on date parsing

A problem on date parsing has been reported by some users. Due to improvements made to date / time conversions and to the introduction of the JDK8 java.time package support, the time part could be lost when transforming a String to a java.util.Date. This problem is solved in bugfix version 1.5.1.

Please update your dependencies to stay up-to-date.

Version 1.5.0 of MRules is out

The version 1.5.0 of MRules is released. It brings some new features and improvements, among which:

  • Two extensions allowing to handle JDK 7 and 8 specificities. See the extensions page.
  • Rules optimization becomes a separated phase, which can be configured and enriched with extensions or personalized optimizers.
  • Dates and time conversions have been improved .

Release notes provide details on all modifications.